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The Human Resources Center, Inc. (HRC) had the vision to create employment opportunities for individuals of the neurodiverse community. The agency developed a sister company known as Human Resources Center Manufacturing. The agency provides pre-vocational services focused on preparing individuals for competitive employment. In this program, you receive high levels of support. The program focuses on developing the skills necessary to achieve competitive employment in the community. Individuals are financially compensated.

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Company Profile.


HRC Manufacturing has provided customers quality service throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for more than 50 years. 


A partial list of past and present customers includes WAI, Bardane Mfg., Guest Supply, Producto, Weiler Corp., Circle Nut and Bolt, BGM Fasteners, Steer Machine, Ellies Bows, Mt. Pleasant Herbary, and many more. 


We are flexible. No job is too big or too small. 


We pride ourselves on producing a quality product for our customers every time.  



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